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Black Knight 3: The Yacht , Hörbuch, Digital, 1...
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Black Knight: Sarah Weston was doing well for herself. She had a good career and she had survived two years of marriage that had not been all bad, but had simply petered out. She had moved on. Then one day she met someone, someone who knew things about her that she had not even confessed to herself. He had plans for her, but first he would seduce her. Her Black Knight would take Sarah on a path into sensuality and surrender that would turn her inside out. The Yacht: My tummy felt full of tiny butterflies as the uniformed pilot came down the steps to take my bag. He helped me into the cabin of the executive plane and settled me into a leather seat before going forward. Neither he nor the limousine driver would tell me anything about Sir John or Jude. All I could think of on the plane as I sipped a glass of cold white wine, was my life had not been the same since our casual meeting at a conference. My work career had become boring interludes between seeing Sir John. Yet this was only my third visit in more than a month, the only passenger on a luxury private jet to the Balearics. The tingling sensation of the jewel in my navel was a constant reminder of other, deeper sensations I had experienced. Those thoughts made me grow wet imagining what might lie ahead. The jet flew me to the Mediterranean to arrive two hours later in Palma; taxiing to the executive terminal in one corner of the airport. The taxi driver at Palma was no more helpful. He shrugged at my questions and drove me at ridiculous speeds through dark scenery and night time postcard villages to my destination. The glittering marina was on the eastern side of the island, the sign in the headlights said 'Cala Longa'. The taxi drove slowly past impressive motor launches and yachts, from ten metre luxury boats, to some monsters more than thirty five metres long, moving gently at their moorings. Ooh there's a big mirror!" Your tone was that of a naughty young girl and made me want to have you 1. Language: English. Narrator: Essemoh Teepee. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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